Achievements :

  • IIITDM IEEE SB was initiated in 27th October, 2016 and Ms. Sangamalika Rajkumar was elected as the chair of IEEE SB.

  • Ms. Sangamalika Rajkumar presented her idea in the IEEE Innovation challenge in the IEEE SYWL Congress 2016 held at Bangalore during 25th to 27th August, 2016.

  • Ms. Sangamalika Rajkumar receives a grant of 10,000/- from IEEE Madras Section to attend the IEEE R10 SYWL Congress as a student delegate.

  • Mr. Chandu DS, Research Scholar is elected as an executive committee member for the office bearers 2018-2019 of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Chapter (AP-S) of the Madras Section.

  • Dr.M.D.Selvaraj, Branch Counselor becomes a senior member in IEEE.

  • Ms. Laxmi N, student chair of IEEE SB, is placed as an intern at RWTH University, Aachen, Germany.

  • Mr. Chandu DS, Research Scholar becomes a part of the R10 IEEE 2018 SAC team as a Zonal Student Representative of Asia and Pacific regions.

  • IEEE SB conducts a series of 6 back-to-back events from October 2017 to March 2018.